Improve Your English Vocabulary

May 28, 2009

I keep myself on a permanent self improvement path, daily I do something that will improve me, in different areas of my life. I exercise as I have a goal of getting thinner and being fit. I read software development as my chosen career. I read for entertainment about politics and history. I am becoming fluent in French, so I keep talking French courses.

My latest conscious improvement area is English. I decided I will improve my English vocabulary on a daily basis. So I find myself looking up words every time I run into a snag. The internet is useful for this, but sometimes I don’t have access to the net, so I found this little software program called vocabulary builder, that allows me to practice, through study or by means of playing games.

This software has a small footprint, installs fast and flawlessly. It allows you to learn based on a specific vocabulary, depending on your needs. For example you can work with the SAT approved vocabulary; this will help you learn all the words you need to take the SAT exam. It allows you to test yourself with multiple-choice vocabulary test. It also allows you to play words games, where your score is based on your knowledge of the word.

You can set the level of difficulty you want and you can create your own study cards with the words you want to remember. It also has the ability to pronounce the words so you can learn by listening. Is a very powerful software and very inexpensive.

The key is that no matter what you do, you have to find a way to improve every day.Live Strong.


Go check out

May 27, 2009

Finally a service I could learn to love once it develops. This website offers a place where homeowners can meet contractors. Allows contractors to bid on potential projects and allows homeowners to quote on services for home projects. I always find it really hard to get good service when I have a project I need to do. I used to have a painter that did a great job for me but he moved and now is hard to feel in the comfort zone when you get someone into your house and you do not know what to expect of the quality of their work.

There are plenty of categories to select from, if you look at the image, you will see a selection of categories. I found that landscaping is really popular this time of the year.

This website allows local contractors to bid on my projects, being a fast fix, remodel ling or full renovation work, allowing me to select the one that fit my price, have the better and most references and also the one that have had the most positive feedback. Contractors will strive to give a good quality of service as is in their best interest to receive good reviews from their customers, reviews are public and they can not hide a bad service, as in real life.

I am really excited to see this service come to life; I will keep an eye it and recommend it for sure.


May 19, 2009

Hey I have been walking and jogging continuously for more than 15 days, it feels good, it is like a drug , that you don't want to let go. I missed a couple days and in those days I felt bad, like something was missing. It was the amazing accomplishment rush you get once you are done, is orgasmic.

Hey this picture was a few months ago, when I was 283 pounds.

I Used to jog mainly on a treadmill at the Gym, even on summer days. Lately I have taken to the streets and I like it. I do prefer parks where you can see lots of people, but sometimes streets have to do. My last few weeks I have explored the Branch Brook park in Newark and the Chestnut park in Nutley and I like both. They are big enough, they are fill with people exercising, so you don't feel alone in the universe, but they are not crowded, and you don't feel like a fashion show showing your latest sneakers you got for 300 bucks.

I exercised few times at central park in Manhattan, but found it too distracting; first ,too many people, so you have to be on the lookout all the time, second too many people doing other things, but exercise. Feels a bit intimidating.

I like parks that you feel you can breathe clean air, that have nice views, that you feel safe, that have a loop so end where you started so you can measure your distance. Also they have to have a path that is not too rocky, but not necessarily asphalt. I will be exploring more parks as I progress towards my goals.

Keep going strong


Grapes are good

May 07, 2009

I just read some old posting in this natural health blog, that gave me ammunition, so i don`t feel that guilty when going to the liquor store to get a few bottles of red wine. I had read news before, and kind of knew that grapes in any form are good for you ( I prefer the fermented form), they help maintain brain function and to fight cancer. Red Wine also taste good and I am starting to get into the habit of having a glass or two almost every night.

Read the article here: Grape Antioxidants for Heart Health and Diabetes and I hope you sleep tight, I usually do after my second glass.

Stay Strong

I am starting to do a bit of research into Natural medicines, specially any organic product that could help me lose weight. I am new in the topic but really want to find out , every fact on how to use natural products. I found this, natural health forum , is a forum that deals with Natural Medicine, seems interesting. What I love is that I found out that the smell of coffee may reduce stress, yes, I am a coffeeholic, love the substance and drink it a lot without regard to consequences. Check it out here Coffee aroma may have stress-busting qualities.

I really need to get into anti-aging and brain-energy supplements, after all I am not getting younger.

Stay Strong