310.2 lbs

May 21, 2006

I am so happy of the results of this week, I just hope and pray that I can keep the momentum going. I have to say I was able to squeeze 5 days in the Gym this week, it was heaven. What it is interesting is that I didn’t feel exhausted or in pain and I felt I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to do it again, it was great.

On my eating habits, I did ok, I feel I could have done way better. Specially last night, when a huge hunger-feeling came to me and I ate more that I should. I also drank a can of Coke, imagine that. Felt really good like always, I am just happy it didn’t became a 2 liter bottle.

I am getting into the habit of weighting myself everyday after my work-out at the YMCA and my last weight-in this Saturday was 310.2 lbs.

On a different note, I appreciate the comments of the people that read my blog this week, feels good that some people takes time of their important activities to read my ramblings, felt like having Angels with me, making sure that I succeed, if you are a movies nut and saw Angels in the Outfield, you know what I mean.
Please feel free to link to you website, blog, space, etc... I will correspond kindly.



Barbara said...

I came here via Fat Bitch (who is not a bitch!) Looks like you and I started our weight loss blog at the same time. I am hoping I will get the motivation I need by laying it all on the line in front of others.
Good luck to you!

FeistyRoo said...

I came here via..... My page! HEHEHE..

I am quite puzzled with the 102pounds.. I am wondering. If you are wanting to be 102 pounds or do you lift 102 pounds?

Thanks for visiting my page Roddy.

Barbara I finely figure your Avatar out. Oscar the grouch? Oscar was always funny even though he was such a grouch.

wildflower said...

Hello! I am just getting started with my weight loss journey as well! I will add a link. I look forward to following your progress.

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Roddy :)

As you can see, we all need each other to make ourselves stay strong.

When one of us are happy we are ALL happy - when one is sad, we feel bad and try to lift them up.

Glad you are a happy one today, hon!!!!

Your body seems to be adjusting to your healthier way of living. WONDERFUL! :)

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Barbara :)

Thanks for the compliment, hon but
you've never seen me when I get into a very bad mood... LOLOL ;)

Glad you found Roddy.

Anne said...

Hi :) thanks for stopping by. So far WW is the only thing that works for me. It's easy to do and you can still eat anything and not feel deprived. It's all about choices, portions, exercise and common sense. Gook luck on your journey, you can do this.

Barbara said...

Thanks for adding me! I have added you.

Living to Feel Good said...

Hey Roddy!
I decided to come to your blog because I saw you were posting on alot of my favorite blogs.
Congrats on getting to the gym 5 times!! That is awesome! Your strategy sounds great for losing your weight! I've been going to WW for over a year. I saw that you said you didn't like it or it wasn't for you. I would like to recommend going to more than one meeting if you don't feel the vibe at the one you tried. I have gone through 5 leaders and each are/were very different. My first one was AWESOME! I felt so motivated, but then she left and the girl who replaced her was a dud! I had another that I could only take 1 meeting and left again. My second to last was okay , but way better than the last two. I felt a little discourage because none of them could even compare to my first leader, until one day my okay leader had a fill in. She was awesome. I called the 1-800 number and asked where her meetings are, and she has been my leader ever since. Also each meeting is different. My current leader has everyone bring in foods that they want to share which none of my other leaders did. I like that because it's nice to see another low point choice I can have, or learn about a new food. Anyway sorry my comment is so long, but I just really enjoyed your blog. I will be adding you to my list!
Take care! :)

FeistyRoo said...

Well I guess IF I read the very top of your page I would known better then to ask that question.

Like I say. Slap me with an apple!

I really need to slow down and quit speeding.