May 23, 2006

Ensalada, spanish for : A dish of raw leafy green vegetables, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, or other ingredients and served with a dressing.

In my struggle to , I’ve been eating a lot of fruits ( banana is my favorite), drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of salads. My favorite salad is (of course), Caesar salad,

"Hi Caesar, those that are about to die, Salute you"

but as you can imagine is loaded on those little pesky things we call calories, dam. There was a time that the only thing I ate for lunch in my lunch hour @ work was a Chicken Caesar salad, until I found out that potentially could have 1800 calories, few, good that I check that out because I thought I was being a good boy and eating well. (What a moron!!!!!!)

So I am asking my fellow bloggers to share salads that they eat, if you please, as that is one of my best friends in this battle. I will start by sharing a salad I like a lot, it is really good and filling, got the recipe from Melissa, my son's GF, so if you read this Melissa, thanks a lot.

You need :
• Pineapple (can)
• Fresh Onion ( chopped any way you like)
• Fresh tomatoes ( any way you like it)
• Corn (can) the frozen type doesn’t taste as fresh
• Olives ( jar) the green ones add the right flavor
• Dill Pickle ( jar ) small size, the garlic type
• Mixed Green lettuce (bag) (hope you can get it in your supermarket) is mainly romaine, but have other varieties. You may need 2 bags.

Mix it up in a big bowl, serve what you need , store the rest, add your favorite dressing, for this salad I prefer zesty Italian (light of course).

Start eating.

To change it up you can add some fried mushrooms, or cucumbers or you can make it a meal with some chicken or boiled eggs.

I hope you try it

On other note , I played hooky on my exercise on Sunday and Monday ( Victoria Day here in the Big North), but feel pumped about today at the YMCA, I walked 6 Km in 1 hour and then had enough juice to play some basketball pick-up games for another hour, feels so good.
I am feeling very optimistic about my struggle, I just hope I can keep this level of emotional power for the long run.

I know WE CAN DO IT.


bree said...

Hi Rodddy,
Thanks for visiting my blog :)
I'll be sure to pop by and say hello regularly now that I know your web address.
You're doing very well and I love the salad recipe you just listed - sounds Yum!!
Congrats on going hard and the gym!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You can also put in beans (kidney, navy, white) instead of the corn - better nutrients, and you will feel full longer!

I'll try your suggestion about adding pineapple...bet that will be good!

Alice said...

I think I might leave out the dill pickles. ::shudder:: I've never been a dill pickle fan.

I just read your entire blog. Eres un ejemplo para mi! Gracias for sharing your story. I too have joined the Y where I live and I use the pool every day. I plan to add walking later on.

Kristine said...

Thank you for dropping by my site.

My favourite salad is mixed greens (with spinach thrown in), dried cranberries, sliced almonds (or sunflower seeds), maybe some cucumber (or whatever other veggies are lying around) cut up grilled chicken and a yogurt, garlic, dill dressing (with a touch of vinegar to give it some bite). mmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

So commendable Roddy, that you are striving to change, improve your health. Tricks that I use to exercise on days that I don't feel all that inclined. I have mapped out walking distances using my pedometer, so I know where my 1 mile, 2 mile, etc, point is. On days I don't feel it, I tell myself to walk to the corner (1/4 mile) and if I am still not into it, hating it, I can turn around. I have seldom ever abandoned the walk as by time I get to the corner I have forgotten I didn't want to do it and been into the "high" of being out and moving. I also choose to walk in places that are scenic, I don't live far from a State Park by the ocean so drive there for my walk. Found it helps to use music (MP3 player) to distract myself also. I use the same "trick" on inside exercise but by telling myself to just start and see what I can do, seldom ever stop without doing the entire workout. I also give myself weekends off if I want, so find I am not bothered by the 5 days a week. (Since I enjoy being outdoors and enjoy walking, usually end up walking weekends also.)
Sounds like you enjoy being active and just need to get into a "habit" of being active. Psychologically it takes 30 times of doing something to make it a habit. That's the most difficult part, developing the good habits. I wish you well on your journey to good health Roddy.

Raveen said...

man ur site is pretty creative one of the betters ones ive read and that salad recipe sounds pretty good hope you reach your goal....my site is poker related so check it out if u get bored


Raveen said...

man ur site is pretty creative one of the betters ones ive read and that salad recipe sounds pretty good hope you reach your goal....my site is poker related so check it out if u get bored


iamhoff said...

Bravo! Nice to see that you're making progress. You dropped a comment on my poker blog, and I saw a comment you left on FB's blog. If you haven't, stop by my diet blog (http://iamhoff-whathappenedtome.blogspot.com).

The things I've found that can make a salad evil are cheese and dressings. Most of what gets added (beans, fruit, other veggies) typically don't cause that much damage. If you're going to add any kind of meat, make it tuna or chicken/turkey breast. Lean steak (in moderation) could also be acceptable. Just watch the cheese and dressings, and you should be ok. I'll definitely have to give your salad a try. Keep at it!

texasgal said...

Roddy thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you get some good salad recipes. For me I like to add green apples chopped and walnuts to my salads...Good luck in your weight loss efforts...Its hard work but sooooo worth it!

~*Danielle*~ said...

Hi,... thanks for visiting my blog. Your comments were very helpful...

As for salads.. that is all I eat!! My main salad consists of romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes. To jazz it up sometimes I add peppers :) I put some sort of nut in it.. usually sunflower seeds or occasionally candied almonds. I add some sort of meat. Chicken is my fave.. I also try to have a serving of cheddar cheese on it. Feta cheese is nice too..

I like fruit on my salads. Strawberries, mandarin oranges, apples... you could even slice bananas on a sweet salad!!

I like sweet onion vinaigrette and the roasted red pepper and parmesan from Kraft.

I will have to try the salad you posted about )

Living to Feel Good said...

Thanks for the salad idea. My favorite at the moment is:
Chicken Breast
1/4 c. Blue Cheese Crumbles ( 2 ww pts)
and cranberries.

I make my own 0pt dressing:
Dijon Mustard
Red Wine Vinegar
Balsamic Vingar
Mix and pour on the salad.

Enjoy! :)

Dee said...

Hi Roddy, I just came across your site via Fat Bitch! No salad recipe from me, just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your blog. It seems like you've got a good plan going and it's working! I'm doing WW myself, which I understand isn't for everyone. We all have to find what works for ourselves. I'm down 34.6 lbs so far but I still have a LONG way to go. Anyway, keep up the good work!


Fat Pants said...

Hi Roddy,
Got your URL for quinn. I too am trying to lose weight and get fit. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Sally Rand said...

Hey Roddy,

I linked in from Mz. Fat Bitch's blog. While I'm not much for saladsl, I do like your style.

I'll be back


KT (aka, Zorita -- or whomever I feel like becoming on any given day)

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Roddy :)

Salads are wonderful for filling up and losing weight! It's a good thing you realized that not all of them are created equal, my friend.
Melissa's recipe sounds really delicious and I will try it just as soon as I am able to eat those ingredients. :)

Here's one that we love to eat:

bags of pre-washed lettuce (aren't they convenient?)
plum or grape tomatoes
diced onions
cans of pickled beets
avocados (I still can't figure out why no "e" like in tomatoes!"
chunks of bonelss, skinless chicken
fat free Catalina salad dressing

You know I think I'll add the pineapple too but I think I'll leave out the beets when I do. :)

Good for YOU that you are exercising! I hope your motivation rubs off on me. LOLOLOL

You're doing great...see you soon.

Barbara said...

I still ove Caesar salads but have a low fat vinegarette dressing instead.
I also love a chef's salad but omit the ham and cheese and keep the dressing a low cal/fat.

wildflower said...

Your salad recipe sounds great! I am always looking for new ways to get more vegetables into my diet!

I make a taco salad with black beans, pinto beans, or taco soy crumbles. I include romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and low-fat corn chips I make by baking corn tortillas until they are crispy in the oven. I use a fresh salsa for the dressing like Evan's or Emerald Valley.