In the Beginning

May 18, 2006

I want to track my weight loss or gain (hum) in a systematic, formal way. I could have done this privately with no embarrassment and exposure, but decided against it. I need to motivate myself in ways that will help accomplish this goal. So decide to experiment with a blog, see if it is the right medium to do it.

I am extremely overweight, it has been a long time to get here, so long that I can't barely remember when I was Skinny (yes it sounds good), yes, is true, I was once healthy and maintained a regular exercise program (if you can call playing basketball daily, a regular program)

I have been overweight now, 20 years, yes that's a life time for some, for me it almost half of my time on earth. All started to go down the hill, when I fell in love with computers, with software cuz I never left my chair after that.

I jumped to 200 pounds stayed there for a few years, I still remember when I was 220 pounds, and I felt so unfit. Then I gain a bit more weight, then a bit more, and more till I hit 260 pounds. I stayed there the longer, worked for a good company, had basketball pick up games etc... So I dint increase that much even that my eating habits were so bad. I could go over 1 pound of ice cream a sitting or down 4 litter of Pepsi a day or eat @ McDonald's 3 times a day. Me Bad.

The problem is that I also didn’t lose weight, I didn't feel the need, I am a very assured person, and even being that overweight , I felt on top of the world. Who was I kidding?

Then in the last few years I just ballooned (in red) to 290 pounds, to a maximum of 322, yes that’s three hundred and twenty two pounds of repulsive flesh. I could blame it on lots of things, job, stock market, marriage or even the weather, but after all, I ate those big bags of lime Fritos or Guacamole Doritos, on my own.

So a couple weeks ago I decided that enough is enough, I have to lose weight and get my life in control. There are multiple reasons that prompt me to do this; I think the most important one is that weighting over 300 pounds does not sound right to me. In my mind somewhere deep inside, the 300 barrier scares me (I whish I could feel the same for the 200 pound mark, but I don't).

Other important reason is that I just don’t want to keep buying clothe, I don’t mind the odd shirt or pant , but all my dressing shirts and pants and my suites, I just can't afford it. Also my collection of clothe that don’t' fit is getting bigger and bigger.

Then is the issue that I am single again, after many, many years of being married, I find myself, more aware of my looks and feel the need to start dating again and right now, let me tell you, you will not convince me to date me. And last but not least important is my health of course, I just can believe how my body has taken so much punishment without cracking. So I better maintain this vessel before it breaks. Oh I forgot to tell you that my cholesterol level is off the charts, can't imagine the traffic jams.

So, I joined the YMCA and started making a serious and lasting attempt to keep a regular exercise schedule. Walking is pretty much what I can do at the moment, without triggering a massive heart attack, and I understand is one of the best things you can do to lose weight, anyways.

I have been totally inconsistent, so far, but have a feeling that I am in the right track ( the walking track , getting in the way of all the 70's year old that just zoom by me)

Not all is bad news, as I can PROUDLY say that I weighted today at a whooping 313.6 Pounds. Oh yeah , get the calculator out , that is a big loss of 8.4 pounds in about 20 days, Could have been more , but yesterday, I couldn't resist Taco Bell for lunch.

So this is where I start:

Weigth: 322 Pounds
Waist: 46 inches
Height: 6:0 feet
BMI: 43.7

Now, where I want to go, I just know that I have to go down, my weight goals is 220 Pounds. Once I get there I'll see if that's where I want to stay.

So, start walking.


The Coz said...

Hi Roddy. I saw the link to your blog on 43Things. My situation is similar to yours in many ways - sedentary job, gained most of my extra weight as an adult, not enough exercise, too much fast food.

I am not as brave as you to talk about my weight loss efforts on a blog - perhaps that's because I'm female. At any rate, I wish you the best of luck in getting the weight down. In our 40's it's time to get serious about the weight loss goal for health reasons so we can have as many years as possible left to enjoy life.

I'll be watching your blog for updates!


FAT BITCH said...

Hi Roddy :)

Well it sure sounds to me like you are all psyched up to get rid of your extra weight. Your program is a good one. Now STICK to it, ok?! ;)

Because all of us are in this fight together, I've added you to my list of links on my blog page just now.

I'll be watching you and I hope you will be watching me too. ;)


Lynn said...


Good for you Roddy.

Congrats on your 8 lb loss.

Barbara said...

Wow. I am speechless at your honesty! I am single again too and I hate feeling like I can't even get a date and it all is because of my weight.
However, that said I know I need to do this for me. Weight has been a struggle for me for 15 years and I don't anticipate it is just going to go away. I hope you realixe that if a woman is only going to date you at a healthy weight she is not likely much of a woman. We all deserve someone who loves us fat/thin, young/old, fit/unfit, able-bodied/wheelchair bound. It scares me to think that I am only dateable thin! I want someone with more lasting power than that!
Anyway, just my own stuff coming up.
Good luck.