June 19, 2006

Hello Everyone

Yesterday, I ate like a pig, a big one, oink, oink, and oink. Food fell tastier than usual; it was good, first time in a long, long time that I felt in control, eating felt normal, felt good to eat. I was in a celebrating mood all day long and didn’t mind the extra calories; I didn’t feel like I was doing something wrong, I didn’t feel my usual F.I.N.E (Freak-Out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional). I was with my son Jorge, just talking , chilling, having a good time, flavoring a delicious St. Louis Burger with a Chocolate Milk Shake @ Johnny Rocket's, when I said to him, Dam I am eating like 1200 calories, right now, he answered back , Do not worry is ok to do this once a month, then I thought to myself , yeah he’s right , when you have been working hard, you have to love yourself, appreciate yourself, thank yourself for all the will power and focused effort you have been enduring, you, no one else's, not you hubby , not your best friend, not your support group, not your bloggers, it was YOU, they all helped you , motivated you, but it was you the one that got off that chair and moved your butt to the GYM and sweated it out for an hour, it was your inner you, that said NO way Jose, when you saw those Doritos and felt the cravings for a cold one (Corona with lime).

"Hey by the way, one day later, but better late than never. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers out there. "

So let's all take some time every day to thanks ourselves for what are we doing, to say thank You, RODDY, you are the man, you made it to the GYM today, you pushed yourself to the limit, everyday, you really want this to happen, you showed your DESIRE to lose weight, Thanks to me and thank to all of you, who are going thru the same challenges, you are my inspiration.

I am so pumped, I am wearing some older shorts now, and guess, guess... they are 44, no more 46 waist for me, feels like honey. I also broke the 300 lbs barrier, I weighted around 299 lbs for two days in a row now, and it is a great feeling. It is an amazing feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

Glorious day!!!!!



Milobrat Kopernik said...
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Living to Feel Good said...

WoooHooooOOoooo Roddy!! I agree that we should take a moment to enjoy life and celebrate our efforts. That sounds like a nice time with your son! :)

Stephanie said...

Way to go Roddy!!!! You are doing awesome. I can't wait to break that 300 pound barrier. I have four pounds to go and I can almost taste it. Congrats to you!

Twice the Man said...

Great job breaking through that 300 pound marker - I hope to cross it later this year. Good to see you posting. Keep at it.

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Roddy :)

Love reading your thoughts and the way you express them. I love the fact that you celebrated yourself in the way that you did.

Your son is so lucky to have a father like you.

Congratulations on saying bye bye to the 300 pound number!!!!!!!! HUG
I'm really very, very happy for you.

iamhoff said...

Good job man! And you should reward yourself occasionally. Just don't forget to keep up on the routine that earned you the reward!

CactusFreek said...

Whats a burger in the scheme of things? Your progress speaks for itself :o)