I AM Still here

June 29, 2006

I am still here, still struggling, fighting, thinking, planning; this is an all consuming war to lose weight. This week I got distracted, my emotions were some where else, so I could make it to the Gym, only twice, so I tried to make up with a very strict calorie intake, too strict, I don't plan to do this too often, but in this case it did work.

I weight-in at 295.4 lbs, this loss was huge, but unhealthy as I really starved myself. I intend to eat more and make it to the Gym more often for the rest of the week

The good part is that my son Alex is having his first serious Gig, playing in Toronto, this Thursday. He has been composing music for a while but I never notice an inclination of performing music, till now. I'll be posting some pictures, later.

My son Jorge is gone for the summer, he's backpacking in Central America, they going to cover Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras in 2 month and a half. Took some hard preparations and hard work.

Keep going, never stop, never relax.



FAT BITCH said...

Hi Roddy :)

I know how difficult this journey is, hon. Really tests our patience and endurance sometimes. HUG

It's great that you lost the 4 pounds but as you know yourself, this starving thing is not so great on our bodies and minds so I'm glad to hear that you will be toning your program down to a more doable level or else I think you would encounter more problems than not and so since I don't want you to suffer any more than we already do on a diet program, I'd rather see you do it at a slower pace than get sick at a faster one.

Hope Alex breaks a leg and Jorge enjoys his wonderful-sounding trip, Dad. ;)

Take care...

Living to Feel Good said...

You can do it Roddy without starving yourself! You'll see that loss.

That's so cool that your son is backpacking. I don't have that freedom to just leave for that long of a period. Good for him for taking the opporuntity.

The Coz said...

You're doing great, Roddy! I agree though that you don't want to go the starvation route, even for a day. A great weight loss can turn around on you very fast if you're not careful.

Slow and steady wins the race! On days you can't make it to the gym try to fit in some other sort of exercise, even just a short walk. It's good to build the habit of being active daily. That's what I'm working on!

That's great news about your two sons. You must be so proud!

Keep up the good work.


~*Danielle*~ said...

It is so hard isn't it... dealing with emotions and trying to loose..

WTG Alex... I bet your so proud! My son, little guy, is VERY much into music. He is only 4 lol

Wow, backpacking anywhwere sounds fun! What an adventure.. I wish I had done something like that before I settled down.

Keep going Roddy...