292.6 and going down

July 06, 2006

Hello everyone

I am so grateful, that my weight keeps going down, I am afraid to weight myself and find out that nothing happened, but so far, so good. I weighted-in at 292.6 lbs so for now all seems to be going in the right direction.

I have kept a very strict watch on what I eat, I feel myself more in control, because I know when I can go for a treat, yesterday I had an Ice Cream Smoothie. I started adding a lot of protein to my diet as well, "Tuna is good for you". I also happen to love tuna for some weird reason and is easy to prepare.

On the exercise front, I feel I am doing excellent. I miss the odd day now, instead of going the odd day, a total reversal of fortune. I am still doing the same stuff, Bike, Walk, Treadmill and Basketball.

I decide to add a bit of swimming , specially now that the weather is getting hot, they way I see it is like a nice refreshment. There is Lane swimming at my YMCA from 6-9 AM, so I am heading there once I am done typing this. There is also an Aqua fit Work-out I will try it once to see if I like it. I still do not know how to fit it in and what kind of portfolio I will create, so stay posted.

I also starting to look into Martial Arts , is something that I did long ago and wouldn't mind starting again. I am just not sure if I can do it yet, I may need to get into the 260 lbs are before will see.

My walking kind of hit a snag. My sheen splint issue is really bugging me, I can walk without any problem to about 3.8 Miles per hour, when I try to Jog @ 4.0 or higher, it starts bothering me after a few minutes. I found some exercises that I Am doing to strengthen my calf and spleen muscles. I'll keep you posted.

My daily routine is between 1.5 and 2 hours a day, I usually do 30 min of bike, then 30 min on the treadmill, then 30 min back on bike. Some days I just switch and do the treadmill for 30 min, then bike , the treadmill again. Some days I add 30 min of basketball. I also find myself with more desire to the hard stuff, no more treating myself with soft gloves, I am focusing a lot better on the exercise, really sweating now. Really I notice a change on attitude towards the hard work. Before this I use to justify slowing down or stopping for a short break , not any more. So please do not take a book and start reading when you are on the stationary bike, you can’t do both well, Focus on your heart rate and maximizing your effort when on the bike and go read to you living room.

Update on my son Jorge's trip. It seems he's having a blast, I am kind of wishing to be there. Here's a picture

to entice you to go check his travel blog at
Jorge's Travel Log

Well everyone, keep going.


cheral205 said...

You're doing so well!
I love your commitment to exercise, it's inspiring!

Stay focused


M said...

Hi Roddy. Thank you for stopping into my blog to say Hi. I really appreciate it.

I have just had a quick read down the page, and have to say you are doing really well. It is tough when you have a few injuries to contend with but you keep on going and that is so admirable.

I think, re the marial arts, that you should start now. I know that you may be more comfortable at a smaller size but this will help you get to a smaller size and help you to build skills again. I am currently looking at martial arts classes for my son (4.5) as I think it is a great form of exercise both for the mind and the body.

Anyway I have rambled on enough here LOL. Have a great weekend and keep up that spirit. Your son won't recognise you by the time you get back if you keep up your pace :D

Jen said...

You are doing a great job. I found you via someone else's blog and had to pop in to say congrats and keep up the good work!

Newbirth said...

Hey there! Nice blog you have here. You seem to be doing well losing weight. Keep eating that protein - it's good for helping keep lean muscle mass - but branch out beyond tuna. :)

I've lost 65 pounds so far, with a final goal of 68-70 pounds.

Keep up the good work!

Newbirth said...

Protein is good for you! :) It helps to you to burn fat rather than muscle. I love protein and eat WAY too much of it. :)