Another Pound Down

July 14, 2006

I just weigh-in at 291.4 lbs, that is about 1 lbs less that last time, so all is good. This week was fun, I tried many things, just testing my capabilities and also ensuring that I have fun exercising instead of getting bored. I just don't get people that says they enjoy Working-Out more than anything else. Please.

It and was really fun, I really enjoyed doing it. I have the fundamentals, so I did' look like a total newbie. Although the group was really a mixture of all ages and all skill levels, so instead of feeling intimidated I fell encouraged. My local YMCA has this Co-ed all ages, open court, volley-ball night on Wednesday, running from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Let me tell you, I was sweating a lot by the middle of the season, I guess you don’t' notice ,but once you get into the heat of the game, you start running hard at balls and jumping a lot. No idea how it ranks on calories-loss , but it as definitely a keeper. I will try to go every Wednesday.

Let me tell you , is hard. I thought I was at a decent cardio level, I am NOT. My lane -swimming attempt was the probe that I have way, way, ways to go. Some how the Bike is misleading, it makes you feel better that you really are. Any way my first day on lane-swimming was horrible, I experienced, first hand, one of my phobias, which is asphyxiation, please God don’t le me die that way. I came early , put aside 1 hour for the project, and wamp 5 minutes later I was done. I barely finished 3 pool-lengths, I was exhausted, short of breathing, scare to go to the deep end,. It was a rude awakening to my stamina and cardio strength. I felt so discouraged, so uneasy , so demoralized. It make me think that those 10 years of health-procrastination , really took a toll. My imagination started going on, and on. I am an imagination genius, so I came to about 10 different ways that I could die on the water, in less than a second. How long could I last on the water ? What an horrible death that will be.

Anyhow , I stayed in the pool , just doing short swims like a kid and working on me holding my breath, for the rest of my hour. The good part of this was that I decided , incorporate , swimming into my weekly activities. I need to feel I can do this. I just remembered my childhood and teens years. I was born on the beach, I learn how to swim before learning to walk, I was a beach bump, I could be on the water for hours. I need to get back to that state of health, PRONTO.

Aqua-fit is a low impact , aerobic program offered at the YMCA. It follows the same format that most aerobic programs, jump, run, ski, jumping jacks, weight resistance etc... but on the water , what makes it really low impact. Trying to schedule my time in the pool, I decided to combine my swimming attempt together with the aqua-fit program, on a sliding scale. My goal is to get-out of aqua-fit slowly as I can spent more time swimming.
It was fun, trying to do this aerobic moves under water. The weight section I fell it was worth it, as I fell some of my upper body muscle really worked-out. Will see how it goes, for the moment I'' do it twice a week.

I took the decision to easy out of the bike all-together, I feel the work-out and calorie-loss is not as strong as it could be. Let me tell you I sweat a lot and feel tired, but I think I can increase my aerobic better on the treadmill and of course lose more calories as well. So I started alternating and higher speed on the treadmill, so far is working fine. My sheen splint pain is not as strong and can do the few minutes without problem. So I alternate between jogging at 4mph and walking at 3.6mph, when I feel I need a bit of a break I walk at 3.0mph before going up again. I will keep that until I can increase more time jogging and of course increase the speed of the jog.

I ran into this girl, she works-out sometimes at the same time I am on the treadmill. She lost 70 pounds, she looks amazing. All she did was walk, walk and Walk. I know we all can do this, I just sometimes wish I could do it faster than possible. I Got to learn to be patience and keep working on my plan.

Have a good week.



cheral205 said...

Glad you found some exercise you love. It's always best if you enjoy what you're doing.
Another 1lb down! Well done!

Jeff said...

Hey Roddy,

Thanks for popping into my blog and leaving a comment! And thanks for all of the nice and inspiring things you said!

And congrats on your excellent weight loss so far! You know as well as I do how difficult it can be to lose weight, but we also know that it's worth it!

If you are serious about running the Tely 10 with me next year we should stay in touch!

And as far as the screen printing goes I'm getting mine made by a small local company owned by a young man who specilizes in making just one t-shirt at a time and sells mostly to teenagers, so his prices are excellent - try and see if you have something similar in Niagra.

Peace, Love, and all of the best with your weight loss!