INSANE, no more

July 31, 2006

I find myself having to think a lot about what I am eating, every time I want to put something in my mouth, or thinking , calculating , planning , How can I make exercise fun and exciting?

We have to make decisions that affect our health, every day, almost constantly:

Do I go to the Gym or not ?
Should I walk to work ?
Jane invited me for a hike, I ma tired, I'll go next time!
That chocolate chips ice cream looks delicious, just one scoop!
Foot long Cheese Steak with mayo on it please!
Is only one big Mac, I can handle it !
I haven't have a snickers in long time, I deserve one !
Wow , Red Lobster have a Shrimp special, I better go !
The Filet mignon at the Keg is to die for, lets go!
Just 2 Peanut butter cookies, well maybe 3, 4....!
Venti mocha Frapuccino with extra power, please!

And time and time we make the wrong choices, yes, "Choices", is our choice to do or not do something, we are in full control of our life, as adults, but we can't seem to get it right. We keep hitting the rock with our toes, ouch, it hurts. We are insane, "The definition of Insanity, is doing the same thing, over and over again and expect different results".

The law of physics tells us, every action has a reaction, effect-results. We make the wrong choices, we get FAT, period. I have known this fact for a long time, and I bet you also do, and time and time again I chose the wrong option. I was INSANE, totally nut, loco, cucu, nothing up-there.

I also know, that is hard to break this pattern. The solution is the "PUSH". The push is what you do when a car is stalled on the street and you need to move it, out of the way, you push it. We need this extra push to get going in the right direction, because most of us has the Niagara syndrome, we just cruise life without direction, enjoying the trip on the river, until we see the falls, or hear the roar, then we try hard to steer away, when is too late. So we need a push, an event, a happening, that start our motors in the right path, the path to a healthy, happy life. Now, for some people this event is a heart attack, for others is the death of a friend, for me I think it was, the failing of my marriage, but it doesn’t have to be bad news, could be the birth of you son, you just have to have to find your "PUSH".

But the push is just the start, we need more. Once we get ourselves moving, we need juice, power, gas, stamina to keep going , and going and going. We need to keep the momentum , and this is as or more important than the start. We don't want to stop and sit idle, or worth reverse the course taken, we need to keep motivating ourselves, constantly, day in and day out, so we keep making good choices, every day. You have to tap into that huge emotional reservoir, every day to do the hard work. Could be imagining yourself running with your daughter a race, or playing some soccer, or remembering your mother advice, what ever it is you have to find it , because the work is not easy, it requires time, sacrifice, pain and sweat.

Like I say before , our struggle is a fight to the death, no bells, no 10-count, no draw., is victory or defeat, success or failure, health or sickness. Is also a sustained battle, long, no easy shortcuts, our health requires a lasting effort, forever, for life. Sometimes we get into the diet and weight-loss business without sight of the real issues, the real problem and hope that this will be over soon and that we will attain our goal fast and efficiently. We get bamboozled by anyone trying to sell the latest miracle diet, "lose 16 pounds a month", lose weight exercising 7 minutes, 3 times a week. BULL , CRAP. The moment you start believing any of that non-sense , you are determined to FAIL, FAIL. To lose weight we need to be focus, to have it present all day long, every day, every single day, make good choices.

WAKE UP and Smell the Coffee, is YOUR LIFE.



iportion said...

I feel most people don't fail just give up. Often they give up after they get what they wanted. They think the dream will make them happy when they forget to be living.

Jen said...

Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you!

Josh said...

“He who has a why can endure any how”. Friedrich Nietzsche

Bill Phillips also talks about stating why you're trying to lose weight as a most important part of the process.

I know that once I had my "why", there was no longer any debate on whether I would or could make the right choices. It becomese effortless.

Kimberly said...

Well put. My "insanity" consisted of telling myself literally every single day that I would start my diet "tomorrow." I agree with what you said about "push" as well - I wish I could figure out what mine was this time (I just started dieting) because I am SO scared I'm going to lose it if I don't figure out what motivated me. I'm glad I found your blog.

angelfish24 said...

Hello, saw your blog name on fat bitch site and thought I'd visit. I agree, insane no more! Well, for me it was that I just went on automatic pilot and quit caring what I ate. Finally got focus a a few months ago and it's finally working. I'm getting out of the yo-yo syndrome and making the right choices and exercising a lot. Good going on doing a 1/2 marathon walk. I'm thinking of something along those lines too, maybe a mini tri. Also, I know what you mean by seeing the food ads and wanting that shrimpfest or steak or whatever. Food on the brain! I call it my fat gene! I get tired of it and want that skinny mentality where you don't think of food a lot. I was once like that when I was younger so I can get it back. Best wishes on your continued success your doing great!