Well, I am really back this time

September 29, 2006

Hi everyone

This last few weeks have been , interesting , a learning experience on how weak our bodies can be, the advancement of modern medicine, and my resolve to be healthy. I still can see my doctor's face telling me, you know Rod, people die of pneumonia, so for the next 4 weeks no walking fast, no running, no aerobics. Was like a hammer or a Hummer just hit my head. I guest he was right, I just couldn't get rid of the infection, My left lung was infected this time and had to try a different antibiotic.

I guest it worked, cause all seems to be OK now, and I was able to reduce the no-run recommendation to only 2 weeks. It still was a challenge as every virus in the air landed on me and kept using my runny nose as a slide but eventually it subsided and I got back to my normal ways. Not before going through a Hilly starve-pig-out cycle, blame it on the antibiotics, but for 2 weeks almost I did not eat , well almost nothing, then for a week at least I ate like there was no tomorrow, you know CARPE DIEM, that was my motto when I kept running into McDonald's.

The good news is that is all over, I hope, and I am back on the wagon. I weighted 265 lbs yesterday and a few days back I ran my first mile ever, that I can't remember, One continuous, non-stop mile , that's 1609 meters. That's a great accomplishment on my part, specially that just 6 month ago I ran out of air for walking 1 block.

That's all folks, Do something, Do anything, Get Going, NOW


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angelfish24 said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! That pneumonia sounds awful. Good going on running a mile. I can walk a long way but haven't tried running too much yet, but I will. Have a great week.