Slow Month

October 12, 2006

My weight loss in this last month was only 5 lbs, I did averaged about 10 lbs until now, so it feels a bit disturbing. On the positive side I managed to still lose 5 lbs overall, I also increased my aerobic capacity substantially.

This last weekend was a KILLER, I combined my birthday, for those wondering I just became 44 years old, and the Canadian thanksgiving holiday, so it boiled down to lots of food and no Gym for 4 days. I usually feel bad when I miss a Gym day, but for some reason or other I didn't mind not going on those days.

The first day back after my little break was hard, it felt like starting again. But so far so good, I have another victory to tell, I ran for 2 full miles in about 29 minutes, my legs were burning, but my breathing was slow and under control., so my new roadblock is the strength of my legs, abdominal and lower back muscles, they really ache during and after my work-out.

My current weight is 263 lbs, which is awesome, I was hoping to be in around 255 lbs by this time but once thing or another got in the way. I just wanna try hard to be in around 245 lbs by the end of the year, so I can relax and eat without guilt this Xmas.

That's all folks, Do something, Do anything, Get Going, NOW



The Coz said...

Roddy, you are doing AWESOME. Keep up the good work. Your blog is inspirational. Thanks for sharing your progress.


angelfish24 said...

You are doing great! Some months we have big losses, and some smaller. I'm trying to average about 7/mo. but it doesn't always work. The exercise is the key for me. It'll be so great to be lighter for the holidays and to not quit this time. Have a good week and happy bday!