"Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est"

November 29, 2006

For so many days I saw the numbers in the scale, stay put, don't move , they seemed dead. Did I insulted them ? What Did I say ? What Did I do ? Why the don't like me any more ? Seemed like a bad date, please not again.

I can't handle them not moving, they most move, yes, and move in the right direction. I have become dependant, they can make me happy or sad, they affect my mind, my soul, my heart, they can ruin a whole day or they can give me a huge high. What a weird relationship.

Then, they started to show some signs of life, I could feel them breathing, turning around, shaking, moaning, waking-up. Finally they started moving their little feet, timidly, afraid, insecure. They were driving me crazy, nut, is this possible ? Did they move away from our goal, is this happening, is this a nightmare? God please be merciful. But then something happened, they stopped turn around and with a touch of superiority and a quirky smile, strolled back the right way. What a Peace of mind, is so possible is so probable. Yes it was happening, I was so joyful, they didn't move much , but they did, they settle themselves at 257 lbs, that's 2lbs closer to that beautiful city that I call LIFE, I call living, because LIFE is more than merely staying alive.

Do something, Do anything, Get Going, NOW.


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