Niagara Falls

May 30, 2006

I continue to make in-road in my fight, but this jungle is so thick that I can even barely see the skies, sometimes I whish I could wish some pounds away, Anyone there want some, I’ll trade. I weighted in at 307.8, which is great, lost almost 3 pounds since my last (public) posting, but not enough, not enough. It was a yo-yo week of highs and lows, of joy and gloom, I saw the scale at 305.2 just to disappear into thin air in the next couple days.

I faltered, I lost my way, I lost momentum, I drowned in wrong emotions and sorrows, It was a week full of anxiety and insecurity, I felt like a little Lost puppy on the streets on New York, struggling for its life, besieged, looking everywhere for answers and not finding any. It was horrible.

I spend some time in , that's my way out, it beats Nielsen chocolate bars, or those delicious Mexican Nachos with cheese and Jalapenos on top. The roar of the water, the mist in the air, the smiles on peoples faces, the majestic fall, the smell of spring, the sound of birds, the beauty of nature, all that beauty helps settle my pain, soothes my soul.

I am ready for another week, I say bring it on. I want seven days out of seven days in the GYM, lets go for a perfect 10. I know, that the only way I lose weight is through exercise. There is something weird with my metabolism, I can stop all food intake and barely lose any weight, I would probably DIE before I can see any radical change (seriously).

So here goes Roddy.


May 23, 2006

Ensalada, spanish for : A dish of raw leafy green vegetables, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, or other ingredients and served with a dressing.

In my struggle to , I’ve been eating a lot of fruits ( banana is my favorite), drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of salads. My favorite salad is (of course), Caesar salad,

"Hi Caesar, those that are about to die, Salute you"

but as you can imagine is loaded on those little pesky things we call calories, dam. There was a time that the only thing I ate for lunch in my lunch hour @ work was a Chicken Caesar salad, until I found out that potentially could have 1800 calories, few, good that I check that out because I thought I was being a good boy and eating well. (What a moron!!!!!!)

So I am asking my fellow bloggers to share salads that they eat, if you please, as that is one of my best friends in this battle. I will start by sharing a salad I like a lot, it is really good and filling, got the recipe from Melissa, my son's GF, so if you read this Melissa, thanks a lot.

You need :
• Pineapple (can)
• Fresh Onion ( chopped any way you like)
• Fresh tomatoes ( any way you like it)
• Corn (can) the frozen type doesn’t taste as fresh
• Olives ( jar) the green ones add the right flavor
• Dill Pickle ( jar ) small size, the garlic type
• Mixed Green lettuce (bag) (hope you can get it in your supermarket) is mainly romaine, but have other varieties. You may need 2 bags.

Mix it up in a big bowl, serve what you need , store the rest, add your favorite dressing, for this salad I prefer zesty Italian (light of course).

Start eating.

To change it up you can add some fried mushrooms, or cucumbers or you can make it a meal with some chicken or boiled eggs.

I hope you try it

On other note , I played hooky on my exercise on Sunday and Monday ( Victoria Day here in the Big North), but feel pumped about today at the YMCA, I walked 6 Km in 1 hour and then had enough juice to play some basketball pick-up games for another hour, feels so good.
I am feeling very optimistic about my struggle, I just hope I can keep this level of emotional power for the long run.

I know WE CAN DO IT.

310.2 lbs

May 21, 2006

I am so happy of the results of this week, I just hope and pray that I can keep the momentum going. I have to say I was able to squeeze 5 days in the Gym this week, it was heaven. What it is interesting is that I didn’t feel exhausted or in pain and I felt I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to do it again, it was great.

On my eating habits, I did ok, I feel I could have done way better. Specially last night, when a huge hunger-feeling came to me and I ate more that I should. I also drank a can of Coke, imagine that. Felt really good like always, I am just happy it didn’t became a 2 liter bottle.

I am getting into the habit of weighting myself everyday after my work-out at the YMCA and my last weight-in this Saturday was 310.2 lbs.

On a different note, I appreciate the comments of the people that read my blog this week, feels good that some people takes time of their important activities to read my ramblings, felt like having Angels with me, making sure that I succeed, if you are a movies nut and saw Angels in the Outfield, you know what I mean.
Please feel free to link to you website, blog, space, etc... I will correspond kindly.



May 19, 2006

How to lose weight, is a question I guess everyone ask themselves. In my case, knowing myself. I will lose weight mainly through getting my Butt out of this chair, that's it, move it, shake it, stir it, just don't let it sit idle for too long.

So key fact that shape my strategy for losing weight are :

1. I am a software developer, a gamer and a do-it all on the computer, read news, check statements, pay bills, read books, listen music, take courses, buy stuff etc.... I can not leave without internet, there I said it. In fact my TV is gathering dust already. I can sit 24 hours on my desk without feeling the need to get up, shameful, but true.

2. I really don’t eat a lot, and have been able to eat kind of healthy for several years already. With the odd occasion for indulging of course. I also have been able to control my cravings over the last few years, no more Pepsi, no more Cherry Garcia, no more Hazelnut Chocolates. I really have been able to control my habits.
3. I love basketball, I could play for hours if i had the stamina to do it, I guess is the challenge of wining a pick up game , show you skill muscle and destroy the opposition.

Based on my analysis of me, I will not even think of pounds to lose or mid terms goals or long term goals. My tow main goals are:

Keep controlling my food income and quality of the food I eat
I will read as much as i can of nutrition, calorie intake, calorie consumption. I will learn to cook simple , healthy food, tasty ( enough Tuna) that will discourage my inclination to eat out. As part of these goal I intend to join Weight-Watchers, I have been there a couple of times and found it lacking, it wasn’t for me and in reality it is not for me as the main trust of losing weight, but as a support action for motivational and educational purpose.

Exercise regularly and substantially
I will get into some kind of physical activity as often as I can as this is my main trust for losing weight. 3500 calories burned thru exercise are the equivalent of 1 lbs of weight. I will walk, run or play basketball as often as I can. If I can do it 3 times a week it will be an amazing success, but I hope I can motivate myself to do it daily, even if it is only 10 minutes a day.

There you have it, this is my strategy to accomplish my goal of 102 pounds.


May 18, 2006

In the Beginning

I want to track my weight loss or gain (hum) in a systematic, formal way. I could have done this privately with no embarrassment and exposure, but decided against it. I need to motivate myself in ways that will help accomplish this goal. So decide to experiment with a blog, see if it is the right medium to do it.

I am extremely overweight, it has been a long time to get here, so long that I can't barely remember when I was Skinny (yes it sounds good), yes, is true, I was once healthy and maintained a regular exercise program (if you can call playing basketball daily, a regular program)

I have been overweight now, 20 years, yes that's a life time for some, for me it almost half of my time on earth. All started to go down the hill, when I fell in love with computers, with software cuz I never left my chair after that.

I jumped to 200 pounds stayed there for a few years, I still remember when I was 220 pounds, and I felt so unfit. Then I gain a bit more weight, then a bit more, and more till I hit 260 pounds. I stayed there the longer, worked for a good company, had basketball pick up games etc... So I dint increase that much even that my eating habits were so bad. I could go over 1 pound of ice cream a sitting or down 4 litter of Pepsi a day or eat @ McDonald's 3 times a day. Me Bad.

The problem is that I also didn’t lose weight, I didn't feel the need, I am a very assured person, and even being that overweight , I felt on top of the world. Who was I kidding?

Then in the last few years I just ballooned (in red) to 290 pounds, to a maximum of 322, yes that’s three hundred and twenty two pounds of repulsive flesh. I could blame it on lots of things, job, stock market, marriage or even the weather, but after all, I ate those big bags of lime Fritos or Guacamole Doritos, on my own.

So a couple weeks ago I decided that enough is enough, I have to lose weight and get my life in control. There are multiple reasons that prompt me to do this; I think the most important one is that weighting over 300 pounds does not sound right to me. In my mind somewhere deep inside, the 300 barrier scares me (I whish I could feel the same for the 200 pound mark, but I don't).

Other important reason is that I just don’t want to keep buying clothe, I don’t mind the odd shirt or pant , but all my dressing shirts and pants and my suites, I just can't afford it. Also my collection of clothe that don’t' fit is getting bigger and bigger.

Then is the issue that I am single again, after many, many years of being married, I find myself, more aware of my looks and feel the need to start dating again and right now, let me tell you, you will not convince me to date me. And last but not least important is my health of course, I just can believe how my body has taken so much punishment without cracking. So I better maintain this vessel before it breaks. Oh I forgot to tell you that my cholesterol level is off the charts, can't imagine the traffic jams.

So, I joined the YMCA and started making a serious and lasting attempt to keep a regular exercise schedule. Walking is pretty much what I can do at the moment, without triggering a massive heart attack, and I understand is one of the best things you can do to lose weight, anyways.

I have been totally inconsistent, so far, but have a feeling that I am in the right track ( the walking track , getting in the way of all the 70's year old that just zoom by me)

Not all is bad news, as I can PROUDLY say that I weighted today at a whooping 313.6 Pounds. Oh yeah , get the calculator out , that is a big loss of 8.4 pounds in about 20 days, Could have been more , but yesterday, I couldn't resist Taco Bell for lunch.

So this is where I start:

Weigth: 322 Pounds
Waist: 46 inches
Height: 6:0 feet
BMI: 43.7

Now, where I want to go, I just know that I have to go down, my weight goals is 220 Pounds. Once I get there I'll see if that's where I want to stay.

So, start walking.