Well, I am really back this time

September 29, 2006

Hi everyone

This last few weeks have been , interesting , a learning experience on how weak our bodies can be, the advancement of modern medicine, and my resolve to be healthy. I still can see my doctor's face telling me, you know Rod, people die of pneumonia, so for the next 4 weeks no walking fast, no running, no aerobics. Was like a hammer or a Hummer just hit my head. I guest he was right, I just couldn't get rid of the infection, My left lung was infected this time and had to try a different antibiotic.

I guest it worked, cause all seems to be OK now, and I was able to reduce the no-run recommendation to only 2 weeks. It still was a challenge as every virus in the air landed on me and kept using my runny nose as a slide but eventually it subsided and I got back to my normal ways. Not before going through a Hilly starve-pig-out cycle, blame it on the antibiotics, but for 2 weeks almost I did not eat , well almost nothing, then for a week at least I ate like there was no tomorrow, you know CARPE DIEM, that was my motto when I kept running into McDonald's.

The good news is that is all over, I hope, and I am back on the wagon. I weighted 265 lbs yesterday and a few days back I ran my first mile ever, that I can't remember, One continuous, non-stop mile , that's 1609 meters. That's a great accomplishment on my part, specially that just 6 month ago I ran out of air for walking 1 block.

That's all folks, Do something, Do anything, Get Going, NOW


A new start

September 06, 2006

Hi there

Took longer that I anticipated to really recover, in fact even today I haven't fully got back to the same exercise intensity that I had before the Storm. My aerobics capacity is still diminished and that's is one of the more important issues in my struggle to lose weight, specially that I really want to do the half-marathon in October.

So my focus is still to walk for long periods of time at low intensity, with intervals of running hard (really short period of time, really short) to try to increase my air capacity. I missed so many days in the Gym, that I was afraid I was going to gain weight, but I am back on my goal of going 6 days a week. I am trying to walk 60 minutes every day @ 3.7 mph average(this is about 6 km), then once a week go for 120 minutes @ 3.2 mph(about 10 km). I want to incorporate before October, once or twice, to walk for 20 km, which is the half-marathon.

My last weighted-in was 268 lbs, so I am still losing weight, at a much slower pace than before, but hey is still going. I can notice the difference in the amount of calories I lose when I walk on the threadmill, weighting 50 lbs less, I guess my body doesn't struggle as much to carry his own weight.

Do something, Do anything, Get Going, NOW