Happy New Year

January 04, 2007

Hi I take this opportunity to wish you all the happiest and more fulfilled year ever. Make 2007 the year, the year to get healthier, the year to get fit, the year to shred pounds, a year that can be remembered and cherished for the rest of your life. Make a good start and stick to your dream, it will become a reality, I promise.

I start this new year with only 251 lbs and a dream of losing 31 lbs more so I can accomplish my goal of 102 lbs. It is a danting path, but a path that I decided I will walk, and a Goal I decided I will reach.

What is your PATH to GLORY ?

Do something, Do anything, Get Going, NOW.



The Coz said...

Happy New Year to you too, Roddy!! I love to read your posts and gain inspiration from them. You should be very proud of your wonderful progress. I wish you much success in the new year.


angelfish24 said...

And you will lose those 31 lbs. this year I know it! I want to lose 53 more pounds. Lost 48 but want to lose 101, real close to your goal. It seemed daunting at first but I know that I will get there it just may take longer than I think. We can reach goal in 2007!!

LAMoneyGuy said...

Hi Roddy, Happy New Year! I'm currently 5'6" and around 181 lbs. My goal weight is 155 lbs.

Great job on your weight loss so far!

Jenniebellie said...

I love that determination of yours, and I know you'll do it. I need to lose 48.5 lbs, to get to my target, I'm only two weeks in and lost 6lbs, so I'll get there hopefully this year too.

Happy New Year.

Jen from UK

Colin D. Devroe said...

I was wondering, since I am going through the list of dieters, if you're still participating in the diet? If so, please send me an email when you get the chance to let me know that you are, and that you'd like to stay on the list. I'd rather you stay on the list, and diet, than not. So if there is anything any of us on the list can do to help, please let us know.

We're going to be doing weigh-ins every Tuesday, please participate. This will help you keep motivated to continue to see progress each week to meet your goal. If you do not need to "weigh in", because your goal is not weight loss, please be sure to update on your progress as often as possible.

To weigh in, please write on your blog linking to the diet, or you can use the Flickr Group ( http://flickr.com/groups/thediet/ ). Thank you for participating.

Colin D. Devroe

allicasting said...

Hi! I'm working on a new weight loss show for the producers
of Supernanny and I want to talk to you about the show. Can you email me? Thanks! Allison, adeutch@ricochettelevision.com