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February 14, 2007

Hello all It has been a really peaceful couple of weeks, thanks to friends coming for visit. I overdid it on the eating front, from coca cola, to Doritos, to Ice cream , to CheeseCake and pizzas, ribs, Shrimps. It has been a delicious DESFILE of fat and calories.

The exercise front also suffered a lot, I barely has been able to make it to the GYM, for time reasons, entertaining friends , working hard, car problems, etc... so I have not find the time to go often, just barely scrapped a couple times a week. I am glad that I made it yesterday and today and worked-out hard, lots of sweat and pushed the limits.

I Got to say that my metabolic requirements must be way higher than before because I abused my eating and did not or have not affected me in the wrong way. I am at 248 lbs still, static but at least I did not move up the scale. The YMCA where I go only has one scale and is out of service, in fact has been out of service for a few days and is driving crazy. I can't believe how much I depend on the scale on a daily basis. I went to my doctor just to weight myself in a reliable scale, it was funny. But I became an addict to see those numbres daily. I know they vary a lot from day to day, depending on water and body waste but I need it, give it to me PLEASE.


Do something, Do anything, Get Going, NOW.


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Twice the Man said...

new location, new blog, new pounds to get rid of