Back on the TreadMill

December 09, 2007

Well I am back on the treadmill, and on the bench press, it took long enough. I am joining in to beat the crowd joining the gyms in the January Rush. I can say I am more mature and a bit smarter on the whole issue of Weight-Loss.

To summarize the last months, (more detail will come), is like, when there are more pressing issues in you life, even if you have some time to do it, it just so hard to get there and try to do something about your weight. And I have so many pressing things in my life for the whole year, that even that it was in my mind, I just couldn’t muster the motivation to get out there. I made it to the gym , occasionally, but that is not enough to sustain weight loss. And must important my diet took a detour to sour-land, in fact I was surprised that I didn’t gain weight back to my original mark.

Now on my weight , the awful truth is that in January of this year I was 252 lbs, a few weeks ago I was 266 lbs and I stayed in the 262-264 lbs for the most part of the year. Today I weighted 257 lbs. so there you have it. My theory is that I did not gain pounds in a massive way because of that thought on my mind, trying to fight for better food and making me feel bad every time I didn’t pay attention. Also my life style is a bit more active, I am really not sitting down on a chair for 10 straight hours in front of a computer as before, this is too bad for my purse, but that is another story.

The good part of all this , is that I believe I have so much more knowledge and smartness on the whole issue of motivating yourself for the purpose of losing weight. I hope I can transmit those to you, so you don’t commit the same mistakes.

Do Something, Do anything, Get Going, NOW



CurlyPR said...


You know that I am very proud of you for all the accomplishments you have made in the past year (regardless of what you think about this past year).

Keep going... never give up!!!

CurlyPR said...


Me again... forgot this:

Excellent!! Excellent!! Excellent!!

The Coz said...

Hey Roddy, it's great to see you back blogging. I'm glad to hear you haven't given up and that you've maintained so much of your progress.

They say the key to success is to just never give up. If you have a slip-up just pick yourself up and get started again. Congrats on getting started again!


angelfish24 said...

Way to go about being back on the treadmill and making some healthy choices. I quit visiting your blog as I didn't seen any activity here. Good to see you back and happy holidays. I don't think I can lose any over the holidays with a trip out of town and cookies and goodies galore but I will try for a maintain.

The Chappall said...

102 pounds.... that's remarkable! Kudos to you. I'm only trying to get rid of 62, but it seems like slow going! You've helped me find my motivation!



jj said...

Motivation has been my weaknesss as of late, too. I hate when I get like that, but there it is. You've been an inspiration, thanks!

jj said...

you're so right, just DO SOMETHING! You have the right attitude; I think you're going to make it!