Hope is the last thing you lose

April 29, 2009

I got hope ,hope than some day I will be able to see myself in the mirror and really love what i see. Why has passed more than a year since I last posted ? and in my case it really means without a comprehensive weight loss plan. Surely I ran the occasional time or didn't eat garbage most of the time, but I wasn't focus. Focus is a hard thing to do. I am focus this week which may be the reason I am writing this paragraph.

This week I walked/jogged six days in a row. Is like I am alive after 10 years of being buried. I don't know if this is gonna last, but I am excited about it. Now regarding my weight after so much time. I went up, by a substantial margin. I stayed in the 265-270 mark but in the last 3 months I went home to visit my sisters, in Nicaragua and wow, isn't that food delicious, it is, it is amazingly tasty, so in those 3 months I went up all the way to 285 lbs. Some of my pants didn't' fit anymore and I started to feel lousy and depre. So I started walking again, to the point that I weighted myself today @ 272lbs and feeling really good and all that in less than a month.

Is hard sometimes but I can see the obvious, a couple weeks of good eating and hard exercise gave me the peace of mind of knowing i can lose weight if I DECIDE to do so.

I just hope that I can keep up.


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