Go check out Fixr.com

May 27, 2009

Finally a service I could learn to love once it develops. This website fixr.com offers a place where homeowners can meet contractors. Allows contractors to bid on potential projects and allows homeowners to quote on services for home projects. I always find it really hard to get good service when I have a project I need to do. I used to have a painter that did a great job for me but he moved and now is hard to feel in the comfort zone when you get someone into your house and you do not know what to expect of the quality of their work.

There are plenty of categories to select from, if you look at the image, you will see a selection of categories. I found that landscaping is really popular this time of the year.

This website allows local contractors to bid on my projects, being a fast fix, remodel ling or full renovation work, allowing me to select the one that fit my price, have the better and most references and also the one that have had the most positive feedback. Contractors will strive to give a good quality of service as is in their best interest to receive good reviews from their customers, reviews are public and they can not hide a bad service, as in real life.

I am really excited to see this service come to life; I will keep an eye it and recommend it for sure.

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