May 19, 2009

Hey I have been walking and jogging continuously for more than 15 days, it feels good, it is like a drug , that you don't want to let go. I missed a couple days and in those days I felt bad, like something was missing. It was the amazing accomplishment rush you get once you are done, is orgasmic.

Hey this picture was a few months ago, when I was 283 pounds.

I Used to jog mainly on a treadmill at the Gym, even on summer days. Lately I have taken to the streets and I like it. I do prefer parks where you can see lots of people, but sometimes streets have to do. My last few weeks I have explored the Branch Brook park in Newark and the Chestnut park in Nutley and I like both. They are big enough, they are fill with people exercising, so you don't feel alone in the universe, but they are not crowded, and you don't feel like a fashion show showing your latest sneakers you got for 300 bucks.

I exercised few times at central park in Manhattan, but found it too distracting; first ,too many people, so you have to be on the lookout all the time, second too many people doing other things, but exercise. Feels a bit intimidating.

I like parks that you feel you can breathe clean air, that have nice views, that you feel safe, that have a loop so end where you started so you can measure your distance. Also they have to have a path that is not too rocky, but not necessarily asphalt. I will be exploring more parks as I progress towards my goals.

Keep going strong


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