Improve Your English Vocabulary

May 28, 2009

I keep myself on a permanent self improvement path, daily I do something that will improve me, in different areas of my life. I exercise as I have a goal of getting thinner and being fit. I read software development as my chosen career. I read for entertainment about politics and history. I am becoming fluent in French, so I keep talking French courses.

My latest conscious improvement area is English. I decided I will improve my English vocabulary on a daily basis. So I find myself looking up words every time I run into a snag. The internet is useful for this, but sometimes I don’t have access to the net, so I found this little software program called vocabulary builder, that allows me to practice, through study or by means of playing games.

This software has a small footprint, installs fast and flawlessly. It allows you to learn based on a specific vocabulary, depending on your needs. For example you can work with the SAT approved vocabulary; this will help you learn all the words you need to take the SAT exam. It allows you to test yourself with multiple-choice vocabulary test. It also allows you to play words games, where your score is based on your knowledge of the word.

You can set the level of difficulty you want and you can create your own study cards with the words you want to remember. It also has the ability to pronounce the words so you can learn by listening. Is a very powerful software and very inexpensive.

The key is that no matter what you do, you have to find a way to improve every day.Live Strong.


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Carson said...

It feels great to have your vocabulary improved everyday, doesn't it? My wife does that with WordSmart. I guess it's never too late! She said she just ignores the WordSmart complaints in blogs and fora because the positive comments are more believable. She herself can confirm that there's no WordSmart scam because she loves the program! I can tell whenever she spends her money well, and I've been seeing that in her lately. I'm sure she'll pass it on to our future child.